A New Age

So it is

You’ve learned a lot over the last few gaming sessions, but still seem skeptical.
Many deities have involved themselves in your lives, and it seems as though you are a part of a grand design – pawns pitted against opponents you didn’t know you were under the influence of.
According to the god Abadar, the goddess of trickery – Callistria has been using and manipulating you to her own ends. She has tested and tricked you into doing her own bidding without you being the wiser. She has the ability to track you wherever you go, and so far is evidently unaware that you have been warned about her.
Her end goal is to raise Rovagug from his prison. The locks on his cell can be opened by a series of keys. One key is in your possession, found by Donnie in the Tower of Broadsiege. The others location is forged inside a sword that you are seeking – located at the original temple of Rovagug that you entered.
Donnie, it has been revealed, is being used by a creature called Azazel – one of two fallen angels that have been trapped, and made a deal with Rovagug for their freedom. Abadar requested that you destroy Azazel and then his counterpart who is influencing Klar to do his bidding. The risk is great, as Donnie will become more powerful after releasing Azazel, but it is the only way to destroy him.
The wishmaster who restored your powers and wealth and then some, focused his power in to a crystal that could destroy Callistria – it must be forged into a weapon that can be wielded by someone in the party.

Other information of interest:
The standing stone you encountered in your last mission had four denotations on it for the four ancient dragons of the labyrinth. Time, Space, Life, and Death. This one was associated with Space and Pacem.

Tarsk and Rocky are still unaccounted for, and last were seen entering the realm of the god of travel.

Tender is in Tiamat’s realm – building a tower for the dragons to transport themselves to different planes of existence. He is also a follower of Cthuga – and let Taisuri free from his grasp in the exchange that he “burn as much as possible – also Allvar”



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