A New Age

The Boatman, The Arena, and Good Hair Care

Wash, Rinse, Repeat, Open Door - Repeat again

So, six games in and still in the Labyrinth, you guys are troopers. But soon to be out.. I hope… again.

Last game you awoke to find an elf sleeping next to you (Tresime). He proved nonviolent and even showed you a couple of ways out of the Labyrinth. Said he was a disembodied mind. His body had died on the outside of the Labyrinth, and his adventuring friends had entered and failed to save him. He mentioned he had even watched his own funeral. You gave him a couple of suggestions on how to fix his problem, including going to the room with the construct wizard.

You then made it finally to the arena, where after being ushered into a large circular pit of dirt, you were cheered on by spectators of every kind to fight a Rock Troll, and a Lunar Dragon, both of whom you defeated. Killing one, and having the other walk dejectedly out of the arena to the boos of the audience.
Your reward? The third piece of the key! As well as a Cloak of Resistance +1 for each party member. All blue velvet with silver lining, matching with your own group symbol on them, whatever that might be.

You were offered another round, and refused. You had also come across a room with mithril armor, which Tasuri devonairly lasoed after climbing the stone steps to the ceiling. The floor angling down to show a pit underneath. Rowan, trapped in a secret room with an exit to a crypt room, was on her own, but found some loot. Tasuri with the aid of the party escaped the room, and you all entered a room with coffins and started knocking off lids. Very nice.
Wexton sensed undead, and several of you had encounters, some with yourselves. After opening the first lid and finding a corpse of Rocky, which you stabbed thoroughly, you discovered a second room underneath. With a doorway in the floor itself. Anyone alone in that room, found themselves captured by a creepy thin creature that stuffed them in a coffin. From which they awoke in the former room hours later, while their friends were still examining it. You did notice that there were fingernail marks on the lid of the coffin Rocky was in. But he’s still with you, so that doesn’t mean anything important.. does it?
You followed the door downward, into a world of different gravity, and collected quite a bit of gold and a glowing orb that just looked pretty. The undead presence left, traveling elsewhere, and you never got to fight it. The whole room left you feeling slightly unfulfilled, but still, you got treasure, right? .. that won’t come back again…surely.

You also discovered a room with a Kobold Boatkeeper. He offered you a chance to take a shortcut around the Labyrinth, all you had to do was sign your name in his book and wait for the next boat. It had been gone a couple days and was due to arrive in a few minutes. When it did, it was on fire. Charred corpses riddled with arrows were unceromoniosly being doused with water as the Kobold made it ready for you, but you changed your mind.

You camped in a “Green Room” whatever that is, right outside of the arena, and felt more comfortable than you’d been since you’d been in the Labyrinth, there were even refreshments.

All in all, no one died, or undied, but that wasn’t for lack of trying. I’m sure you’ll do better next week.

Here’s the XP breakdown.

2788 XP a piece

Donnie/Tarsk/Rowan + 300XP each for mapping/taking notes (treasure)



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