The Labyrinth

So you’ve entered the Labyrinth….

Legends say it exists outside of time and space, and you’ve already had several encounters that would seem to lead credence to these. Rooms call out to people individually, doors lead to nowhere, or anywhere, traps are scattered, puzzles and mysteries are endless, different realms exist of the Labyrinth itself, and weird beasts roam the halls.

You’ve saved people, from out of time, ran into your past, and collected at least one of the items you were sent in to find.
The Labyrinth seems endless, so how are you to escape? Truly only the adventurous purposely put themselves in these halls, and most regret it. A very few are said to survive.


  • There have been rooms to different times, different planes, or to people highly involved in the characters lives.
    You’ve met a party that entered the halls 62 years before you did, and haven’t aged, but they say they’ve only been here a matter of days.
    You’ve heard of a man leaving the Labyrinth old and senile, weeks before he as a young man supposedly entered it.
    There’s a wand you’re suppose to find for some wizard who posted a notice. The person who finds it gets an armor enchanted of their choice upon its return.
    You’ve (Tarsk) made a deal with Calistia, the Goddess of Trickery and Deceit, but through it, got magic items and freedom from a room you couldn’t leave.
    A message on the wall in an alcove where you rested is still unsolved.
    A hero once entered this place and left it, boasting of defeating the Minotaur and bringing back its horn. The Missing Horn is is based upon this story.
    You’ve collected several crystalline gems that seem to be identical. Calistia said you needed one more.
    You’re now a combined party of several adventurers you have saved. Tasuri (summoned from a beast generating machine room), Leox (from a horrific mud state), Sahara, Snapper the Gnome, James (the reincarnated Gnome), and an old man whose name you have not yet gathered.
    There may be a long way yet to go to escape this place. You definitely wont be the same people when you leave.

The Labyrinth

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