The Burning Sun Inn – A centralized Tavern/Inn in New Xaviar Proper. It is a front for the party’s illicit affairs

Ash Plains – a dry desert plain situated in the bottleneck. It holds many beautiful rock formations, and many bestial races. It is the site of one new settlement created by Greld to hold the refugees from the West. It is also the location where Tarsk grew up.

Orik’s Place – Orik was a leader of the foundlings. His hideout in the Ash Plains served as his staging point and recruiting station for the number of bestial races that were entering Gred from the west. This base still exists, though what remains of it after the dragon, , killed Orik, remains to be seen. It is said that it contains horrible torture chambers used for brainwashing.

Fugalis – The Kingdom on the Western Border of Gred. It is known mainly for its open mindedness of late. Its borders constantly being attacked by raiders from the west, and pirates from Rust, it has taken the allies it can and attempted to strive forward with a goodhearted nature. Being the only Kingdom to provide real support to Xaviar in its crisis. Its colors are:

Dinnick’s Hideout- A “hideout” always in the same place, around large stones in the area, situated by a man called Dinnick. He was a member of the foundlings, but quite a weasly one. His knack was for setting traps. This place has been destroyed multiple times. Once while you were still inside it. His hope was for your destruction. He kept several prisoners here, which you rescued.

FreeFall – A town

Twice-Broken Inn

Shikah’s Shop-

Damos’ Summoning Location – This is the location you were given, at the base of the cliffs, that can be used to summon a creature called Damos – known for making dark pacts and binding deals.

Steep -

Mason’s Secret Lair – The secret lair of one of the leaders of the Foundlings. Mason gave up this location in the hopes that it would earn his favor in his prison treatment.

Old Burned Wizard’s Tower – This tower was once the wizard tower of Arctic Eltruce. Later to be known as Arc’El. The tower was burned and destroyed by Ledgrem Trail upon the realization that he had been stolen from his family for experiments by this evil wizard.

Dirk’s Drowning – This lake at the valley between Monk’s Rock and Steep was said to have been created from an ancient geological event that occurred in the area. The bottom of the lake is said to hold the remains of an old city, where a great King lived called Dirk. It is said that his folly caused the event, and he was swallowed, as the water crushed the city.

Kelidesh Mill – Hometown of Donnie Brooks and Fugara Kizito. This village was destroyed by an enchanted airship powered by ancient standing stones. What remained of the town was abandoned and its people, the very very few that were left, dispersed into other parts of Gred.



Straight of Rust – This body of water sits between the Western Border of Gred, and the unruled island of Rust. It is said to be inhabited by pirates and sea monsters.
The Peppered Desert – This forest sits along the Western Border of Gred. It is called the peppered desert because the dark trees situated themselves in a bed of sand. The forest the boundary between the harsh deserts to the north, and the rest of Gred.

Xaviar – This was the Kingdom situated in the centermost of Gred. It held the place as the seat for the Empire forged from the seven Kingdoms. It was recently destroyed by the forces of the resurrected Arc’El. The remains have been pieced together from the aid of Fugalis and several heroes. It is currently at a quarter of its size, and though being rebuilt hastily by a Lyre of Building, it is still under direct threat from other Kingdoms trying to expand their own borders.


Yellowfield – This landholding is currently owned by Donnie Brooks. It is the site for dyes made from some of the most beautiful flowers in Gred. It is currently under a construction project to build an arena and a brewery for the Bison Brand.

Mayfield – This beautiful and quaint-seeming town on the outskirts of the Found Forest is actually made up of a semi-retired group of assassins that formed a guild called The Jagged Knives. It is also the closest town to the known entrance to The Labyrinth.

Grailton – This landholding is currently owned by Ravall. It was once a training ground for the soldiers of Xaviar, and though that purpose is slowly amping up again, it is also being used for refugees and food production currently. Helping Xaviar get back on its feet.

Clairhold – This landholding that includes a small portion of The Found Forest is currently owned by Fugara Kizito. It primarily produces silk from the spiders that live in the forest. Thanks to a deal made by Kizito with the spiders directly, it has recently increased production.

The Found Forest – This mystical forest is situated in the centermost part of Gred, and is one of the larger forests. It contains many different territories, temples, and mysteries. Included in that list are the standing stones that Onic was protecting, as well as his now burned down cabin, a Temple to Calistria, the golden stream, Centaur Territory, and rumors of a group of rather confused stone giants.

Sasha’s Tears – This town not to far from Grayhold along the road that leads to the north from Xaviar, is known for a beautiful waterfall. The city itself claims to be cursed by the sadness of a maiden that lost her love.

The Western Watch – Currently owned by Rocky the Mad Mauler, this area is so named as it holds the western most civilized border at the point where the bottleneck, fugalis, and Xaviar territory meet.

Thame’s Tower – A wizard tower now occupied by Trini.



The Bottleneck (The Found) – The newly created hold made from territory claimed from the Foundlings in the name of Xaviar. It is being given funding by both Xaviar and Fugalis for the purpose of defense from any outside threats the continent, and is currently under construction of a keep by the owner Tarsk.

Monk’s Rock – This mesa between Dirk’s Drowning and The Forest of Berie is said to be the home of the most powerful Monk in the land of Gred. People fear it because of the destruction that is said to occur around it. Caravans found smashed, and soldiers missing, with nothing but their sheilds or weapons to be found. Ledgrem Trail supposedly trained with the Monk here before joining The Jagged Knives.

Ruined Fort – An old ruined fort not far from The Forest of Berie, thought to be a part of one of the old Kingdoms.

Rodent’s Lair – A foundling hideout that you once raided. Inside Donnie found his Gorum knuckles by defeating a Flind. You were investigating it to find the leader of the Foundlings, Lind Mason, only to be kicked out of your victory by the Shaman named Renald. Inside were cages, and a few terrible creatures.

Broadsiege’s Tower – Directly on the edge of the Peppered Desert, this fort has the capacity to become invisible, and possibly plane shift. It once held a mighty observatory that was used by a creature called Broadsiege. A beholder that had some past ties with Arc’El. You defeated Broadseige and his cultists. Emptying the fort that later became occupied by Goblins that you sent there, and the cultists left over from your raid, all of whom now see you as some sort of demi-dieties.

Borkshire – This city is home to a museum that was once stolen from by Tarsk. You saved it from a terracotta golem that had been imported into the city, and became town heroes when you took out the strange cat-snake creature that had plagued its borders.

Dika’s Hut – Dika was perhaps the most powerful druid on Xaviars payroll. He lived in seclusion and commanded the creatures of Drakes wood. During the Battle of Stile Valley, he threw himself upon a shadowwalker to save his fellows, and destroyed himself and the creature both.

Drake’s Pass – This valley holds a major road leading West of Xaviar situated between large hills and forests on either side. It used to contain several forts and is even rumored to hold ruins of an ancient hold that sat somewhere in its hills.

The Windy Keep – An old fort that was refurbished for use as a base of operations during the Battle of Stile Valley for the defending forces of Xaviar.

Grayhold – A landholding not too far from Sasha’s Tears along the north road and in the crook of the great river. It is known for its spices and its fishing. The people are known to be odd and very Xenophobic. It was recently transferred into the ownership of an elf called Taisuri, before a revolt landed it back in the hands of the nephew of the previous owner.

Waishbarrow – A holding to the south of Xaviar. It is known for its massive production. Its population is great and it also has a bustling merchants center. It is currently owned by a priestess named Rowan.

The Forest of Berie – This is the territory of the Shaman and druid nations of the north. It contains many mysteries to outsiders and is very strict about its entrance policy. Outsiders normally are not allowed. It is guided by an inner council that can communicate to its many wandering Shamans through magics. It is said to be the home of ancient magics and treasures.
Druid Enclave(s)
Fourth Witch Cove
Crystal Caverns
Vasta Benol Talta

Temple of Rovagug – The original quest you were sent out to accomplish from the pathfinders saw you seeking out the Gnolls and goblins that stole three clerics from their mission. You were sent to rescue them and seek out whatever information you could on the temple. You found a temple of Rovagug, one being manipulated by some outside forces. The bodies were carted off using some magical means, as there was no way a cart could get up the slope the led out of the temple. In this temple you also discovered, through stubborn curiousity, a being called Azazel, who tethered himself to Donnie Brooks. You found here the sword Icebite, and discovered recently that this temple also holds a sword used to bind the creature Azazel, which is also a key to Rovagug’s cage.

Asp Grove

Saranrae’s Camp

Ancient’s Way


Present Company

Gorgrath – The Kingdom on the Eastern Border of Gred. This Kingdom is known for its attempt at discovery and so trades with a wide range of races and other countries. It supposedly even makes deals with pirates. It has held itself as an open-minded and strong Kingdom for many generations. And so made it ideal to discuss border disputes with the now formed Elven Territory.

Benralin’s Bay – So named for the ancient explorer that ventured across the land of Gred, making it habitable for human races. A Captain who paved the way and helped to build the first great cities. His accomplishments are marked with the Bay he finally reached after coming east from his homeland.

Sahaguin’s Rest

Cave Sorrow


The Labyrinth Entrance- Not far from Mayfield, this entrance only appeared two years ago. Since then rumors about the labyrinth have spread and become tests of bravery for many adventurers, though Xaviar has warned of its traps and dangers.

Centaur Territory – Centaurs hold their own community inside the Found Forest. Few humans bother exploring it, seeing them as a herd of beasts.

Temple of Calistria – Situated inside the found forest, this temple sits at the base of the Golden Stream, created by its followers by lining the stream with golden flakes, to tempt man to the temple for sacrifice to their goddess.

Building Hope


The Runaway Mountain

Wet Farmer’s Inn

The Grace Lakes ( Shelyn’s Beauty/ Desna’s Luck)


Gretchen’s Waters – The ocean to the south of Gred. A Great Cataclysm rocked the waters many years ago, causing areas of the sea to be unnaviagable, ships get lost, and great magics rip holes in time – at least thats what the pirates that avoid that area say.

Sori’s Hideout

Kaiju’s Foot

Spoil’s Rock


Good Fish Bay

The Good Orcs’ Rest



Angler Bluff

Sailor’s Haven

Sarah’s Sadness – A vast desert only held in check from overtaking the land by the boundary of The Broken Giants. It was said that hundreds of years ago, a great kingdom was situated in that territory, but a dark spell overtook the land, destroying the civilization overnight, and killing thousands. It is now avoided by humans, and being free from their interference, has been settled by those that find the desert more to their liking. You have heard rumors of a hermit druid that lives there named Iah Dabo.

The Painful Steps – At the base of the Broken Giants, leading southward to The First Falls, this large body of land is a collaboration of rough, rocky, landscape covered with beautiful fauna, and large dry, dead areas, that create spooky effects over the land. This was the site of battles with Arc’El upon his original plans for taking over, and the druids claim parts of the land cursed beyond their power to cure.

The Bitter Water – A lake said to be poisoned. So much salt content that some claim to have run across it on foot, at least until the halfway point, when they were eaten by the great tentacled beasts that dwell in its depths.

Town of Lift

Yola’s Ferry

Kraken Haven

Spirit’s Den

The Broken Giants – The largest Mountain Range on Gred. It is home to many different races, dangers, and mysteries, including a passage to The Underdark, a dwarven kingdom that is so remote it isn’t disputed by the human kingdoms surrounding it, and a great monster that has its own mountain.

Xarak – A great monster is said to dwell here. One from ancient times. No one has EVER returned from exploring the caves around it.

The Underdark – A passage leading deep underground, where a horrid race of elves is suppose to exist alongside great spiderlike monsters.

Datna’s Peak – The tallest peak in The Broken Giants. It is said to be the home of giants and Pheonix.

Theat Azul – The most beautiful body of water in Gred. Its waters are said to cure the ill, though that’s just an old wives tale. Beautiful creatures live in this water that is created by the runoff from The Broken Giants above.

Trialm – A dwarven kingdom so remote from human civilization that it isn’t disputed by their bordering Kingdoms. Rarely humans will trade for the best worked gems and steel on the continent.

Traff – This Gnomish settlement sits itself in Fire Valley amongst the hills and few trees that it offers. It , until recently, has been the only established nonhuman settlement within the borders of the Seven Kingdoms. Stantem in particular has allowed its existence due to the production of machinery they can get no where else.

Trink – A town situated outside of Fire Valley, and the last stop for a long while along the road to Stantem. It serves as a trading hub and rest stop for travelers and adventurers.

Shanta Marer

Grieve’s Gut

Frank’s Hollow

Fire Valley – This valley north of Sarah’s Sadness. It periodically bursts into fire. No one is sure why, and don’t really walk through it much.

Gred’s Cross Inn – The first major city south of Xaviar en route to the other Kingdoms. It is a major trade hub and serves as a den for adventurers seeking their fortunes.


A New Age Gred