Items of Interest

Items in the game you’ve come across of special significance.

The Resurrection Scroll
This scroll comes from an ancient pantheon of worshiped deities. Evidently before the magic was perfected, or before gods had morals. This scroll works like a standard scroll of resurrection. The difference is, that it’s pure, it’s focused, and it’s much more powerful. Based on the study you had Trini and Nincumb do on it, you’ve discovered several things. The first is that it can probably bring back things that are very powerful, and the second, and probably most important, is that it does not need the soul to be willing. It can forcefully bring back those who have passed. The scroll was destroyed thousands of years ago, separated into four parts, and spread across the world. You know it’s impervious to fire or any means of destruction you’ve found. The scroll has been put together, at least two pieces. It’s also been altered by some sort of demonic writing. Written in blood, the words talk about bringing back some form of dark evil presence, and so combined with the scroll, would tend to imbue the soul brought forth with the characteristics of a demon, or perhaps even an avatar of a dark god. You found this scroll in the temple of Rovagug, and you suspect that it has already been used once, to bring back Arc’El.

The Chalice of Gorum
The Chalice is said to contain magical properties, that grant boons to those who drink from it – who are worthy. You’re aware of what Gorum stands for and what he admires, so it would seem to conclude that great warriors are those he deemed worthy. You’re uncertain of the bonuses it grants, but you know that the man in possession of it, Led , would like an amulet in return for it. It was stolen from a temple by a couple of fugitives whom Led is also in possession of. If you get it, you are suppose to return it. But can you benefit from it first?

The Amulet of the Labyrinth
The amulet is a mystery to you. It was beautifully worked gold with a red gem centered in a round base. Designs, very intricate, layer around its face. The only information you know for sure about it is that Led wants it, and agreed to give you one of two gifts, one being the Chalice of Gorum, if you handed it over to him. He gave you one warning – “Don’t put it on.”
In order to retrieve it you also had to go into a Labryinth and make a deal with a disembodied voice of a copper dragon inside his temple. …so that favor may pop up later.

Items of Interest

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