A New Age

Two fugitives, a cup, and a labyrinth...
You guys could really die..

So you’ve entered the labyrinth. But not before making your way to the quaint little assassins village of Mayfield. Here you got a room at a nice inn, got M. Bison groomed, and met up with your old friend Trent.
You also met up with a man whom Trent was very intimidated by. He went by the name of Ledgrem Trail. He told you he was an old leader of the assassin’s guild The Jagged Knives. He said the actual leader was out of town. He was keeping an eye on things and running the stuff he normally ran, whatever that meant. He also, after hearing you weren’t leaving, decided to tell you about the guild, the men who came to try to become a part of it (the fugitives you were after) and the Chalice of Gorum they brought him as a gift. He offered you a trade, if you went to the labyrinth and brought him back an amulet he had been searching for for years, he would give you one of two things – the Chalice, or an important piece of information on Donnie’s past.
As you were going to the labyrinth anyway, and were pretty sure he was going to kill you if you tried to escape, you traveled with his escort to the entrance, where his men left you to go into the cave. Your bison and wagons had to stay behind, but they told you they’d take good care of them.
In the labyrinth so far..
You’ve encountered traps, doors that lead you through time and space to other areas, ones you’ve been to, and others that seem dangerous, or just ill-placed entrances. Several of you have also encountered personal doors – ones that led you to discover certain aspects about yourself, the world, or what might be coming in your world in the future.
You’ve come across little treasure so far except for information. It seems this place is vast and unforgiving.
The good news is that you have found the amulet, and are currently wearing it – which was expressly mentioned not to do by Ledgrem. Now all you have to do is find your way out, and perhaps locate the wand that you orginally came here for.
There could be quite a lot left to this place. And from what you’ve heard, you might not all make it back…

Pickled Fingers

Characters will find themselves on the path to Mayfield, seeking out the criminals that escaped Xaviar and the lost Chalice of Gorum that they supposedly stole. They know that the town is made up of retired assassins, and that the criminals, Chet and Dretch, are seeking out those assassins to attempt to join the Jagged Knives, the guild that they maintain.

Last time:

Responding to a notice to “Clean out my basement”, the crew went to the seedy part of town. The Innkeeper told them of stolen goods, and a mysterious tunnel in the basement caused by some sort of creatures. Upon investigating, the party uncovered a series of underground manmade passages, very old, and lower than the city sewer system. They fought and killed a mother troll and it’s two spawn, and discovered the trolls had tunneled in from outside the city walls. Notifying the city council of the security breach, and accepting their rewards from the pathfinders and the innkeep, they enjoyed a heroes feast and divided up their treasure.

They also became aware that several of the prisoners they had freed from Dinnick’s dungeon were now trying out to become new pathfinders. With your recommendation, they were accepted, and are a couple days away from their first mission.

The notice of a Labryinth not too far from Mayfield got their attention. A wizard named Onic sent a mass request out for adventurers to locate the wand within the dungeon and bring it back. Those who succeeded would get an armor enchanted of their choice. The crew planned to visit the Labryinth after Mayfield.

The crew traveled off road to follow their original adventure path, seeking answers to the mysterious portal that Tarsk saw several weeks ago. They found few clues, but suspect its origins to lie hand in hand with the other portals produced by Tender. If that hypothesis is correct, it means Tender is working much more closely with Arc’El than in the mere capacity he is using the rest of the Foundlings for. The party is still trying to uncover why they need the portals, or what they are doing with all of those bodies.

After rejoining the maintained road out of Xaviar, they came across a series of boulders and large dirt hills. here they were attacked by Ankegs. The crew dispatched them, taking minor damage to their wagons, and narrowly missing a cave-in.

We begin the next adventure a day and a half outside of the town of Mayfield, camping in an area not too far from the road, the adventures formulate their plan to negotiate with the retired assassins, and to capture the missing villains.

The Road So Far...
A Refresher from last game.. not grammatically awesome

Temple of Rovagug – operated by goblins and gnolls, trying to ressurect some type of demon, or demonic presence, possibly the avatar of a god – memory loss, lots of loot, unburnable half-section of scroll that you gave to Nincumb the wizard to study in Xaviar.

You saved three priests of different gods, who gave you a staff to help you on your journeys.

You’ve met Bootes – your recruiter, Camelo, his boss and founder of pathfinders, his wife Navara, who is a worshiper of Baem and a translator/negotiator for the kingdom.
You’ve met the guy who holds the evil artifacts for the kingdom called Harcrate.
You’ve learned that rumors abound
– the kings son got in trouble for supposedly using dark magic
- theres a crew of goblin pirates roaming the coast and setting slaves free
- you tracked down and killed a beast that was attacking caravans on the outskirts of Xaviar.

Your last mission was to assist in the tracking and coordinated dismantling of the foundlings. You found out that one of your party was once involved with the foundlings and had information that might have helped. Instead of working with Camelo and his crew you set out on your own and decided to try to negotiate with the Foundlings, which failed dismally.

You came across a tavern where the presence of a man named Damos was felt briefly, and found out since that apart from having ties to the foundlings, he might be some sort of demon that takes enslaved persons as trade for unique magic items. You also have a way of contacting him given to you by Thane.

You confronted a hideout of Dinnick, a weasley trapmaking Foundling who has had recent increased power. He left a trap for you that you fell into and ended up rescuing several people. One of whom later cut off the head of someone you had just killed and wandered off with it, allowed to by Donnie after he gave donnie a scroll.

You met a couple of foundlings, killed the one *just mentioned (Clep). And captured the other with the help of a man named Greld who normally works north with opening new settlements for the peaceful immigrants, but also reports to Camelo.

He went off with his prisoner (Tender) and the others you saved but not before giving you a rundown of Camelo’s activities. Which have included sweeping out several foundling hideouts and chasing Linn Mason (one of the leaders of the foundlings) north.
Greld went to report to Camelo, leading you guys to a more northern Hideout called the Rodent’s lair. Here you found several chests of treasure, and cleared out a small contingent of flinds. the main treasure room however was ruined by a trap which released a mudslide.

You worked at trying to clear it for quite a while before A shaman leader by the name of Renold came in and told you he could take over because you were in fact, in their territory. You also heard a small girl crying inside a dungeon but decided to ignore it.

Upon leaving that you came across a group of shamans with a cart that had evidently just been in a battle. They let you speak to their prisoner, Linn Mason, who talked to donnie in some length about what he knew about the foundling coup. he told you that for the last several months he’d been losing more and more power. after donnie left, his other crew (tender, clep) and several others had been leaving one at a time for people who could pay more, but continued calling themselves the foundlings.

dinnick had mentioned having more power than he ever had before.
mason seemed more than willing to be taken into imprisonment, feeling his life was threatened otherwise. he told you that the new leader, whoever it was, was obsessed with rovagug. this was further pointed out later by thane that there were several temples of rovagug that had activity recently but been squashed. mason went on to ask you to put in a good word for him, which you did, and to try to rescue him later when he wanted it. in return he gave you the location of one of his hideouts where you could find a special pair of “boots”.

you met up with thane, a wizard who donnie had helped before, and his psuedodragon familiar. He told you stories where he had saved allvars father’s life, and several tales about his adventuring days with Camelo, and Greld whom he evidently was in an adventuring party with at one time.

you talked about Arc’el, the wizard he and his party had helped to destroy. At this time Wexton felt a “great disturbance”. he became sick and nauseous and felt that some place to the south something horrible had happened. this tied in with a message you’d heard earlier from greld regarding an uprising in a smaller city to the south.

Fugara and Rocky at this point headed out to deliver supplies, including a horse, to a local farming family they’d had encounters with before and had a wonderful night, they arrived the next morning however, to find the wreckage of the cart and thier friends missing. a flag that rocky was familiar with was in the debris.

in the meantime the party had left thane’s tower, as he had went to “do some errands” but not before finding out some information from him regarding Damos and the rovagug temples.

after thane left, a chill came over the party. they were frozen in place as a wizard riding a red beast with yellow eyes landed near them. he had evidetnly been looking for thane. he floated toward them and looked over the party one by one making comments to each person “i know you like i know myself”, “laughing in donnies direction”, telling wexton that “he’d met baem, and wasn’t impressed”. scowling at rowan, and mentioning and tarsk might make a good weapon or even a good vessel.

The party last saw a group made up of orcs, gnolls, and seedy looking humans coming their way. They were knocked out before being able to move, and remember nothing else until the story begins.

other things you found out or noticed –
-undead soldiers had risen.
-orik to the north is forming some sort of army of rough foundling soldiers and rugged races that have been coming in from the northwest.
-another wizard had come in to help with translating that scroll in xaviar,
-shimmy might be a were-pig
-several of you have had messages in one form or another from your contacts, and others may or may not have found some things out about themselves.

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