The dark shadow from the west.


You’ve heard, finally, of the darkness that the orcs, bugbears, and other hoard races were running from. They were running from this creature. From different sources, you’ve learned that he slowly came to power, using his cunning and guile to get him where he needed to be. Doing things in a manner that made him seem like he was doing the right thing to other people, and grasping at the power that was dangled in front of him for good. Originally in a good adventuring party they separated and he eventually came to power in the land they once called home. They were killed or spread into exile, and he slowly but surely took over the continent that was once a good and varied place. How it is now is not known. You can assume from what you’ve heard, and the terror that chases the many invading races, that it is a land of dread and desolation.
You know the races started arriving around 70 years ago. You know that it caused war and tumult. You know now that they were running from him. And was responsible for the destruction of at least one of your homes. This may be something for a later level…



A New Age Gred