Titus Merand (and family)


A farmer and his family that took Rocky in on his long journey to Xaviar. It was through them that he had the calmest weeks of his life and learned how life on this continent worked. Though Rocky didn’t say much, they didn’t mind. He traded hard work for food and shelter, and when Rocky had some gold to get him on his, he headed out, with a parting gift of Goat.

This family also owe something to Fugara – who saved the horse ‘Set’ from a ground collapse far away from the farm.

When they all met together the last time, they were surprised to find their two wards working together, and the reunion was met with celebrations. It was a good night for everyone involved, except for the rest of the party, which got kidnapped.


Titus Merand (and family)

A New Age Gred