The "Sand"

Slave Traders


This mysterious group was the most organized ever seen on Rust. Hell, they even had a flag, which couldn’t be said of many others – The yellow and brown rings of the sun blew from the top of the mining facility where Rocky had spent the majority of your life during the coup that freed him. You just recently learned of the name, and were probably very surprised to note that a group from Rust was organized enough to move to this continent to do business. Though given what you’ve learned, it could be the other way around, that they came from this continent and are responsible for transporting slaves to the massive island from which Rocky escaped. Either way, they’re not someone you’re overly fond of.
You’ve run into their convoys and taken out several members – most notably when several members of the group were kidnapped. This somehow has ties to Arc’El in that he was the one who ordered them to kidnap and try to convert some of you.
The Orcs that were part of it were dispatched by your party, but it left you questioning their ties. Is Arc’El in control of The Sands? And if so, is he joining the forces of both them and The Foundlings? ..Or are they just doing business dealings?


The "Sand"

A New Age Gred