(Dismantled) The Foundlings

A Group of Rogues Just Makin a Livin


The Foundlings were at one time a.. well, not a peaceful organization, but they had some good points. They didn’t kill if it was unneccessary, they limited their members to people they could work with, and they made a living off of other peoples stuff. At this time they were led by a man named Lind Mason, at least part of them were. They had several leaders and factions that all operated together around the territory between Drake’s Pass and The Bottleneck. Donnie Brooks was even somewhat involved.

Something happened recently however, that made the authorities in Xaviar look their way. That something was the taking over of this organization by presumably Arc’El. Since its takeover, some leading members of the group were destroyed to make way, while others who were more inclined to the unscrupulous, have been making a heavy profit on peoples lives. Given the presence of caravans in the territory, you think they may have even been working with The Sand.

Due to this unfortunate, the forces of Xaviar, led by Camelo Pisces have went to war with this group. The last you heard they were making headway.
You left Xaviar early to warn those whom you knew in the Foundlings to be not bad people … er… not terrible people anyway, but found some of Donnie’s old contacts to be “unhelpful”. When you finally came across Lind Mason, he turned himself in. Giving you guys information on the whereabouts of the remaining Foundlings and his secret bases.
With this info, they are taking down the once not-so-noble but not-so-evil group. Maybe some will survive…


(Dismantled) The Foundlings

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