The Construct Wizard

You fought him as a metal scorpion


He first appeared with the party of Sahara, James, Snapper, and Leox, disguised as Leox, who had been turned to mud in another room. Once he ran into the real Leox, he killed James, and attacked the party, transforming into a giant metal scorpion. You were able to destroy it, and took a glowing stone from it’s cranial cavity. Another room you came across in the Labyrinth led you to a wizard’s tower on an island. You collected several books, including one on how to construct a clay golem, and found a series of stones similar to the ones you had found inside the scorpion. As you shattered the stone you were carrying, it’s essence brought back a half-dead body of a wizard who was using some sort of magic you’d never seen. He was seemingly obsessed with immortality. He healed the minds of your friends in exchange for his freedom, and because he said “any friend of Rovagug is a friend of mine”. At which point he let you and the Aasimar you had rescued leave through the door you came, back into the labyrinth. later you sent a man off with directions to get to this wizard, hoping that his disembodied mind, trapped in the labyrinth, would be able to find a new home in a construct.


The Construct Wizard

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