(Deceased) Thame of Kent

"How about a story?"


An wizard like any other, with his own tower, lots of books, and a penchant for getting into trouble, he was part of the adventuring party that once included Trini, Greld, and Camelo Pisces.
They took down Arc’El 12 years ago, and have been horrified by the prospect of his return.
The last you saw of him, was when he was heading down to check out Arc’El’s old castle, to see if he could find out if there was any part of his return Thame could figure out. He also gave you information on Damos, and the Foundlings.

Donnie saved his life once, and that of his minion. He told you stories in his tower, and seemed an all around good guy. That is, until he went off for some supplies and left Arc’El to find you at his tower while looking for Thame.


(Deceased) Thame of Kent

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