Fire! FIRE! Burns much brighter..


You’ve met this psychopath once, when he sent a fireball flying at your convoy. At the time his partner was killed, and you captured him. He once worked with Donnie in the Foundlings – on the same team, actually. However, its been clear that the issues with the Foundlings are caught up in whatever he’s scheming. His journal had insane scribbles, but you managed to work out that he was trying to open a portal to the fire domain. In-so-doing, he seems to have brought Gar’uck into this world. He was working with Dinnick for some purpose in the new Foundlings schemes.
After you captured him, he escaped. You’ve seen him once through scrying, and he managed to shut off the connection by traveling through a portal. As you know bodies are being carried through portals, there seems to be a definite connection with him and Arc’El.
Whatever the plan is, he is clearly someone with great resources, talents, and who is very volatile. You even had his robe for a bit, which you let Harcrate continue to identify, and destroy, while you were gone from Xaviar. His current whereabouts are unknown to you.



A New Age Gred