"Who did you call ugly?!"

Oric is a half-orc who doesn’t take kind to people pointing out his “deformities”. He looks like a very ugly human, but has a distinct voice and personality. When he’s not murdering members of his own crew, he’s getting the best of the best to work for him in the Foundlings. An influx of barbarians and brutes from the north refill the numbers as needed and so this crew is a ragtag bunch used for the toughest missions.

This disgruntled Half-Orc has been a minor problem in the rear for years for Tarsk and his companions. You’ve heard of him doing ridiculous things and getting away with it, but have been unable to get him for it for various reasons. First of all, he is protected by the desert, in the Ash Plains, and in the rear of the area that Tarsk had been protecting all his life, which puts him in the opposite direction Tarsk was suppose to be looking. Secondly, his hiring of a lot of the forces that get through the blockade have lessened the reports of massacres and unruly outbreaks because it means they are organized. Tarsk saw him once, and hated his ugly face. That being said, it wasn’t just his face that was ugly, because of course you wouldn’t judge people on such things, but it was his gloating. He was so smug about the fact that Tarsk didn’t have the resources to touch him.

Donnie has also met the man-orc. He actually tried to kill D.Brooks once.



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