Lind Mason

Got some special boots for ya.


This scoundrel of a man was once in charge of The Foundlings, or at least a portion of it. He tends to rely on others to do his dirty work, and has a silver tongue for getting himself out of situations. He kept the Foundlings on track, only doing what they needed to make a profit, and wasn’t entirely violent. Most raids allowed the victims to keep their lives. Things were good.

Until one day his young friendDonnie Brooks left his crew. Then Tender and Clep, and soon after that he finds out his whole organization has been infiltrated from the outside by who-knows-what!

Now, captured by some shaman, shipped off to a prison at Xaviar, he is making himself as comfortable as he can while he bides his time – for whatever scheme he has going. He never doesn’t have a scheme. He’s been helping the Pathfinders track down the Foundlings, giving all his help, and only asking to be let out of prison for some air and beer every once in a while.

You guys helped bring him in. He gave you important information on Foundling hideouts, he only asked that in return.. you know.. maybe you put in a good word for him.. help him escape maybe.. sometime, but not soon, cause you know.. people are trying to kill him and stuff.


Lind Mason

A New Age Gred