Goddess of Life


If Baem was considered the Deity that cuts the thread of life. Cortiss could be the one that is said to hold the thread. She is the Goddess of life and fertility.

Their are legends that consider the two gods in opposition, as enemies, whereas others see them as siblings, or even lovers. What everyone seems to agree on is that they are both a balance for the world.

She is often seen as the epitome of beauty and grace, a gorgeous maiden in a field of blooming flowers. Other images depict her as a small child holding a globe, and still others as a tree as though she were a paradigm dryad. Some old legends hold her as a threadbearer, an old woman sitting in a chair and weaving the strands of life together.
In every case she is the one some pray to for childbirth and sometimes crops. Many druids worship her.
In the temples she is seen singled out or paired with Baem. Whereas most followers of Cortiss also follow the worship of Baem, many followers of Baem do not necessarily follow the Goddess.

Her symbols are the amulet, and the chalice. And many pictures depict her having both on her person.

Many say she is the last one to see before you die. The face of the angel that leads you to the reaper.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Favored Weapon: Mace, Longspear



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