Chet and Dretch



You know that Dretch claims to worship Gorum. He also is some kind of spellcaster, focusing in spells that undo and create traps and enhance sneaking abilities.
You don’t know a lot about Chet other than he is not magical, he is however, a two handed fighter who uses daggers. This implies he likes to stab things, a lot. He has no religious affiliations anyone is aware of.


Chet and Dretch spent quite a lot of time trying to one-up the other. They’ve lived their lives in a seeming chaotic manner, jumping from job to job, from town to town, but always sticking together.
Before they joined the pathfinders, they worked as masons, traders, and were even in the Foundlings for a short stretch. Most notoriously they were bounty hunters, and it was as such that they sold their skills to Xaviar. When they signed up, they were told the rules, and did a very good job at gathering artifacts and cursed objects. They were even better at capturing the escaped con or two when it was needed. Through their roguish talents they were promoted quickly. After two years in the Pathfinders, however, some of their more unsavory talents came to the light. Evidence came pouring in of the unscrupulous ways they had accomplished their goals, and the bodies they had left in their wake. As most of these were evil, it could be argued it was necessary. However, the last mission they were sent with a man named Davos, and a woman named Farrish. While camping, an argument broke out between Davos and the pair. Davos stood up, and so did Chet and Dretch, before too many words were spoken, Chet had latched out with his dagger, then Dretch. Davos was caught flat-footed and fell to the ground, stabbed in the back. They laughed about it later, when Farrish told Bootes the story. They made no move to stop her, or keep themselves from being arrested. They were banished from any alliances with the nation, and locked away in the prison under Xaviar. Wherefrom they have recently escaped, supposedly to head towards Mayfield, a town you now know is made up of ex-assassins.

Chet and Dretch

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