God of Death


Baem (“Bom”)
God of Death
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Repose, Law, Travel, Protection

“Baem will come when you are late. Never early. …That is fate.” – Old nursery rhyme

Pharasma has always been associated with the roles of life and death. If she held the timeline, Baem would be the one that cuts it. He does his duty as the role of the lifetaker. It is through his absolution, that his respect endures.
The figure of death has had many iterations over the history of this world, but the tales are always traced back to Baem. He holds no factions and seemingly has no aspirations of being worshipped. Despite this, his “followers” go far back into primeordeal days. Ancients worshipped and sacrificed to him in the hopes of being saved from his grasp. These attempts obviously failed.
Modern followers don’t prescribe themselves to such things. Sacrifices aren’t necessary gifts to him. Baem will take all anyway, even the other gods someday. The followers see his presence as a sign of the unstoppable, and thus find it divine. He is simply everywhere, and has always been.
Baem has order, even in war, and takes as needed. Death is law, and his judgement should be trusted. While the other gods have a history of battles, heiarchy, and some perchance even a mortal life, the stories for Baem are told with caution and superstition. Every so often a man will tell a tale about the God of Death and his origins. Whether that man was right or not, on his day, he will find out from the source.

*Undeath represents the opposing forces that exist against Baem. It exists in the world as a crime against his nature. A follower of Baem usually makes it his business to remove such from the surface of the Earth.

*Though Death has had different weapons in different stories. The most popular idea holds him with a scythe. Other weapons include a sword, dagger, runed gauntlet, and even a pair of shears.

*Followers of Baem hold several holds of worship throughout the world. They are held in secret locations and/or in the most terrible places imaginable.



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