(Deceased) Arc'El

DECEASED ( A couple times)


You know he’s evil, you know he was thought to have been killed once, and you know that he’s much more powerful than you. Other than that, it’s speculation. Arc’El is a wizard that went bad long ago. He attempted to take over Gred at one point, and nearly did in a very quick way. Towns were destroyed, cities were damaged beyond repair, and many flocked to his side whether by mind control or because of power. The damage he inflicted, and his eventual defeat by several heroes, including Camelo Pisces, Trini, Greld, and Thame, helped to form a precedent of cooperation that aided in the peace accord signed by the nations.
He was ruthless, and corrupt, and experimented with deranged magics. You found out from Trini that if this new wizard is indeed, Arc’El, he was most likely brought back from use of the scroll you’ve found, and for some reason is now very interested in Rovagug. It seems to have been him that started the “corruption” in the Foundlings.


(Deceased) Arc'El

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