A New Age


Sorry for the delay. Last game was fairly interesting. You spent a majority of it in battle, fighting Onic the Wizard and his summoning stones. You killed a dire lion, two ghosts (one possibly a friend of the aasimar you saved), a fighter, and would have had to fight more had you not performed a miracle and tackled a flying wizard.
You tortured him then. No buts to it, and so some of you might find your consciences or at least your deities in doubt of your devotion. Though Onic himself was a particularly grotesque creature – he now dwells somewhere in Macabra’s Labyrinth, being forever tortured in a hell of his own making. Shimmy does not seem as taken with you guys as he once was, or at least he has been in quiet contemplation since you left the forest.
You passed within the vicinity of a temple of Callistra the last game, you noted the golden waters her followers trap, and were told of other magics in the forest meant to lustily lure adventurers to their dooms.
You got several pieces of information from Onic before cutting off his foot and turning him over, however.
- The Wizard Thame (the one who took you in, and whom Donnie once saved) is dead, he claims. Having been tortured and killed by Arc’El.
-The towns were destroyed by some massive weapon of Arc’El. (Suli, Kelidesh Mill, and Sapek)
-You know that Arc’El is bringing back the victims as an undead army.
-You also know that he didn’t think children would last very long on the field, even as undead, so he gave some of them to Onic to trade for the horn.
-Arc’El was using Onic as a pawn to get the heroic adventurers out of the way.
-Arc’El has had some dealings with, or at least knows about Damos – the demon who trades in lives.
-Arc’El (Onic muses) is probably a puppet under the control of some other creature. Arc’El had no allegiance to Rovagug before he was raised, nor could he have raised himself without help from someone. So maybe he just has an ally.
-The Prince is whom Onic would suspect was sending information out of Xaviar, the last you heard was that he was suspected of conducting some Dark Magic and was being held by the King.
-Arc’El has influenced several groups as distractions and pawns – The Foundlings, Onic, and has at least made dealings with the Slave Traders “The Sand” who operate out of Rust.

Things you learned from Camelo:
-Many battalions of fighters are currently quelling the invasion of undead that are popping up in random locations through the Southwest corners of Xaviar’s borders. No news yet on whether the same things are happening in other Kingdoms. A good deal of the high level priests from Xaviar have been sent out to aid, as well as many of the pathfinders that are not on other missions.
-Harcrate has been suspected of being the one relaying information from Xaviar – mainly because of his dealings with dark artifacts some have suspected of corrupting his already questionable mind. Also, because they claim no one has the power to create magic items for the cost and time that he seems to be able to do it. They suspect dark magic involved, perhaps one of the artifacts. An investigation is under way, and he is being held, but treated fairly, by the Pathfinders.
-Tender is suspected to be moving somewhere in the Forest of Berie, and there they believe he has an ally. They want to capture him to find out information on Arc’El.

You made it back into town, and used the four remaining charges on your stone to free the adventurers on the golden fountain – a fountain that had ironically been dedicated to them. The only one left is the kindly looking older wizard, who seems to be the man you rescued from the clutches of Callistra.

You were given time to recuperate, as well as food and board. Anyone who wishes to tell their tale to the pathfinders loremasters can. Anyone who needs healing or spiritual help, the temples are available, and as always, the pathfinders await your 10 percent donation to the cause. You have plenty of gold and magic items to distribute, sell, or what-have-you, and to decide on your next courses of action. Camelo and the other Pathfinders will have a meeting (within reason) at your earliest convenience.

Couple of other things:
You know that an assassin that Donnie is after is listed as being somewhere in the Forest of Berie, tracking a man named Kizito, whom he was hired to kill.




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