A New Age

The Life and Times of Ledgrem "Led" Trail

Written by Hevard Goldsmith

This book covers a history of the life of evidently one of the greatest entrepenuer/assassins that ever lived.

It covers his childhood. Where the young Ledgrem worked on a farm with his parents. One day while he was working in the field, his home was attacked by marauders. They found out about a priceless amulet that his father had kept from his adventuring days. A trusted farmhand had went into town and gotten drunk, spilling the story Led’s father had trusted him with.

The attackers got away with the amulet before his father came back from the fields. It was too late for his mother. Ledgrem never forgave himself for failing her. His father had ordered he stay at home while he went after the persons responsible. Loading up in his old gear, he sought out vengance, and got it. But never found the amulet.

when Led’s father returned to the farm he discovered that his 12 year old son had been taken. Evidence of magic traced the layers of the house, and though the once hero knew many mages who could scry, none could find his son.

After weeks of desperation he turned to a vile creature and once sworn enemy. A demon that traded in lives.

In the meantime, the boy had been in custody of a middle-aged wizard. (He would later find out the man’s name) Ledgrem didn’t know why he was kidnapped, but he was traumatized, and destroyed by the loss of his family and his old way of life. But miraculously he was able to find his way through the dungeons of the wizards tower to a destroyed city. He worked his way through, learning how to fight and survive. And barely made it to a large mesa that was later called “monk’s rock”. from there he claims to have learned from a mysterious man the ways of fighting for years, before forming a group of assassins he called the Jagged Knives.

He named it after the broken weapon he used to kill his kidnapper in revenge. He had found the man’s name to be Arctic Eltruce, a wizard of no great reknown who was going to use him for experiments at his tower base between Drake’s Pass and the Forest of Berie.

Ledgrem never saw his father again. But from sources the author claims cannot be refuted, his father had made two deals with the demon. The first one gave him information on the whereabouts of his son. In exchange the demon got all of the man’s wealth – including his most prized magic scimitar (purportedly an artifact), armor, lands, titles, and the horn of a minotaur he had bested in battle.
When he found his son was at the base of a wizards tower, with no armor, no weapons, and no time to save him. He offered the demon another deal. His life, for that of his son – allow his son to escape, and he would give the demon his own.

So the man was never heard from again, and the great, albiet morally skeptical man named Ledgrem Trail, lived on.

It mentions the town called Mayfield, the growth of The Jagged Knives, and its leadership by several more people through the years.

The last page says Led Trail went missing in the year 120, his last words to one of his colleagues about finally understanding his life.

Rumors say he went abroad to start a new life, others say he died or even commited suicide, finally realizing the weight of his sins. Some say, that he entered the legendary Labyrinth, which was purported to have an entrance not too far from his famous town – looking for the lost amulet his father had once gained in battle.



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