A New Age

The Fourth Citadel

So you killed the beholder that had captured a friend, but one of you died in the conflict. Reincarnation scroll was used to raise Allvar back as a strange creature none of those present had ever seen before. Judging by the skin tone of the hands the only other creature you’ve come across remotely like him would be the Merchant in the Labyrinth, of whose face you never saw.
You came across a wide selection in the library. A great variety of artwork on the first floor, and in the dungeon, well, you found a couple old friends. One was tortured and beaten. The other one, was merely annoying and pleading. Dinnick was left in his cage, while you brought Kizito out of the basement and into the open air. He claimed that he was bait for you guys to show up. Broadsiege had some sort of deal with Arc’El that would have rewarded him had he turned you over to the wizard.
In his arrogance, however, Broadsiege invited you into his home, and right to him, where you proceeded to hurt his pride. And the battle insued.
You know one of his number was tortured to death for failing to deliver a message to Arc’El, as you found her dead in her own quarters. You found a few letters between Broadsiege and Arc’El which seems to indicate they had known each other for a long time.
En route you came across another destroyed town. You rescued some villagers from the undead, and killed a few yourself.

An Even 4200 EXP for everyone but Tarsk, who is off doing who-knows-what with that sexy lady he ran off with.

There’s also some stuff I’d like to retro from when I was all sick and you were drunk and stuff. See ya tonight!



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