A New Age

OUtta Da Lab-Rinth

Whoot Whoot

4000 EXP and fresh air – more to come

The Scene Witnessed (for exposition and those who couldn’t make it)

When the books melted, and your world disappeared, you appeared in another, a jagged land of rocks and lava, barren and volcanic.

This is the conversation you witnessed, along with a young Verillis.
Four gigantic beasts you would call dragons are stalking from four different directions, busting up rubble and stone with each step, changing the landscape in their path as they head to a mutual point. One is Gold, one is red, one is copper, one is black.

As they reach each other, they transform into beings similar to what you would call humanoid. Each in different attire, and glowing with a power briefly that you assume is trying to fold itself into their new bodies.

Three of them nod to each other, the black dragon does not.

The Red Dragon speaks first: “We’re here.”

Gold. “We are. Yet again, face to face.”

Copper: “It’s time to speak of the truth, to honor our deal. and see if we are all still willing.”

Red: "The truth? You always ring of the truth, Veritis. And it always ends the same. With chaos, and destruction."

Gold: “Peace, my brothers. This will be our last quarrel. (sigh) lets make it count.”

Black: "Brothers? You,Pacem say this. You are not my siblings. You are weak…"

Red: "Though you cannot deny that you need us, eh, Potestat" (winks)

Copper: “We need each other. The verse we know is at an end, either way, and we know what we have to do. All of us.”

Black: “And you’re sure this will work? You with your clever schemes? What reason do we have to trust you?”

Red and gold stare at him.

Red: “Are you an idiot, Potestat? You just criticized him for being honest.”

Black: “You think this funny?!”

(whisper in the air)

White: “Silence. This world is ending.”

White dragon circles them and lands. Taking the form of an ancient looking old man.

They all fall silent.

Gold: “We are all to meet Death in a very short time. It is best if we get ourselves in order.”

White: “Are you all ready?”

Red: “I just have one question. You say we’re going to die, but if we’re really using time and space to do it, doesn’t that mean we could exist everywhere, always?”

At this comment the black dragon gazes lustily at the white dragon for the answer. But it is Verillis, the Copper, who answers.

Copper: "In a way,Justicia. The prison we are creating needs all of our powers, our consciousness. We are the oldest creatures in this world, other than what we are jailing. It will take all of us. Our prison will exist through time and space, because it sits on the back of The Thing itself. The pins have to be made of actions, of truth, justice, chaos, and law. Only existence, only living, only actions can create the lock we need, and they all have to happen at once. Important creatures, lives, and events – they are the keystone of this structure."

White: "An ingenious plan, to use the thing’s power against it.

Copper: "Its all we have. (shrugs) we are no match for It if It wakes. "

Black: “If It wakes…”

Gold: “IF It wakes then there is nothing. All is lost, and no stronger meaning of the word has been since It was born. If It hasn’t always been.”

Copper: “We will exist outside of time. We will be everywhere, at all times, and no where. Yet we will not be alive. Our existence will merely be cogs in the machine. I know some of you feel that this may be a way to last forevermore. (glances at the red and black dragons) But I assure you it will be hell. But nothing compared to what will happen if we don’t. And for whatever reasons, I thank you for your sacrifice.”

Red: “One dragon’s hell is another’s bath.” (fire burns on her shoulders and she smiles)

Black: “We shall see.”

Gold: “Yes we shall – as equals.”

Copper: “And as for our champions?”

Red: “Champions!? Is that what you call them? Psh. What a waste of food.”

Copper: "I’m inclined to agree, Justitia. But we had to find those that wanted immortality, and endless energy. "

Gold: “Or a chance to prove themselves.”

Copper: “Or that.”

Red: "Are they ready, Avairy?"

White: “They are in their positions.”

Black: “And what of the white dragon? How does he fit in? There are four of us, what does he sacrifice?”

Copper: “His life. Same as us Protestat. Just not in this realm. He will die, as we will live on in the Labyrinth.”

Black:" Oh? So willing, whitey? I know of few white dragons with such nobility."

White: “I have lived all I wish to live.” He says simply. “We are prepared. If you are done, I will begin to cast.”

The black dragon grudgeonly nods and they move toward each other. The ceremony begins. White balls of light fly from the white clad figure to sit behind each of the others, slowly building in strength.



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