A New Age

Diary of Shimel Tillen III
Found in the Hidden Temple

15th White, 120 B.E.

So I suppose I start with where I am now? Or maybe how I got here. It really is all still fuzzy. It’s been a week since I came out of the forest. They say I was out of my mind, but I don’t remember anything, just flashes of color and this feeling of – of hatred. It’s all blurry, everything. But Blyra says that it’ll come back to me. She tells me I’m important somehow – a guide. I don’t know what that means. It’s all very irritating. I’ve been traveling with them for a while, this band of gypsies – of half orcs, humans, and gnomes. They say they’re heading for Xaviar. The name sounds familiar, and as it’s the most central kingdom of the continent we’re on it makes sense I’d remember that name.

But my own still evades me.

I hope that things start to piece together. Anyway, I suppose I should tell you what happened. Or at least what I know about it. Hopefully it will help me recall. Like I said, I remember just sounds and feelings – mostly negative. I was running fast, from something or to something. That part still bothers me. I came out into a bright light. Well, it was bright to me. Apparently it was just a campfire. My clothes were torn to shreds. They showed them to me. I was barely wearing anything. They’ve given me a set of robes to wear since then. I find them comfortable. They say they are just wayward travelers. They told me stories of some dark evil back west they’ve been running from, that generations have been running from for many years. Of lands destroyed and continents turned black with the manipulation and corruption of every kindom, one by one. And they say Gred is their hope. Then they told me about Xaviar, how the Kingdom was nearly destroyed. The King mortally injured, whole towns obliterated in an instant by some massive weapon controlled by a twice-dead evil wizard. I have to say it does seem significant to me, like I was involved somehow, but I cant remember details. I hope I was a good guy.

Anyway, Blyra, the Seer, says that he broke the stone – whatever that means. Something to do with this great evil and how it’s gonna try to finish the job, take over Gred. She also says that there are heroes and kingdoms working to prevent it, and that it was no chance meeting that we came across each other. Xaviar is going to be different now is what they say. The city rebuilt is taking in those that have no home. Sounds like a good place for me. I’m getting tired now. I’ll write more tomorrow.

16th White, 120 BE

Today I learned I could do magic! There were lessons being taught to the young ones. Nino, the half-orc woman who serves as the teacher was showing them the symbols of the gods. She pulled out a small token in the shape of a longsword – that of Iomedae – the goddess of justice and honor. I felt drawn to it. I took it from the ground and I don’t know what happened, only that it glew. It glew so brightly that I had to shield my eyes. Nino told me that I had just cast the light spell. And that clearly Iomedae held some special meaning to me. Maybe I was a paladin or a knight. She winked at me when she said this, so I think she might have been kidding. I’m not of a strong build. I think it more likely I might be some sort of cleric or priest. Anyway, it’s the first glimpse I’ve had of my past and I won’t pass up the opportunity to learn more. I should sleep tonight, but I borrowed Nino’s book on the gods. I intend on reading up on Iomedae. I hope it brings back something.

22nd White, 120 BE

Over the last week I’ve casted several spells. It’s not that my memory has come back to me as such, but things that must have been natural, like casting and spell words – those have come the easiest. I also had a dream last night. I was in the woods, running. There were people, children, they were in a panic behind me. Someone was egging me on, telling me to go after something. “Donnie Kizito! He’s getting away!” I remember running as fast as I could. I don’t know what I was running after, but I think obviously it didn’t end well for me. At least I have a name. Or the hope of one. Donnie Kizito. No one here has any idea of the lineage of this name. So I don’t yet know where I might be from. I hope I can get more answers in Xaviar.

25th White, 120 BE

We came to a city today called Cabresh. And that is where it happened – This is where it happened. I REMEMBERED. I remembered everything. Oh gods. What have I done? I can’t go on with them back to Xaviar. I’ve said my goodbyes.

I can’t face my old life, not now. I can’t face them. They know what happened. Donnie. Kizito. Rowan and the others. The ones who have saved me twice before.

1st Moon, 120 BE

It’s been four days, and I guess now it’s time. This diary is my confession, so I hope it holds that I can put my soul into it.

First, I threw out the token Nino gave me. The symbol of Iomedae. I couldn’t face a god of honor when I’m a coward who When I’m a coward who killed his best friend. Who — ate his best friend. Iomedae forgive me. Edward – forgive me. You were my brother.

Suli was just a stop on the way, check out the town that was destroyed.. imagine our surprise when we found it still there. I was rescued, but not before being bad things were done to me. Very bad. I was tortured. Elliot though. I don’t know what happened to Elliot. It’s been destroyed for good now though. Thank the gods for the bisons.

Whatever was happening in that town I will never forgive myself, or Arc’El. That bastard did this. His weapon. That was our last mission. To get to Fort Stiles and try to figure out what we could about Arc’El and what he was digging up there. We found out it was the site of some old ruins, which is why the fort was built there. Arc’El was digging something up. Our research indicated that it was a set of standing stones. One of four sites around Gred – each placed there by some ancient peoples far before Benralin and his forces came over the land and started the older Kingdoms. Onic – the wizard, one of them we trusted, he was guarding one set. There’s a druid guarding the set in Glitterwood. The last one has been kept secret.

I wonder if I should destroy them – these stones, the way the one at Stiles was destroyed. But then I hear about the monstrous breach that it created, and it stays me from that idea. I can’t cause more harm than good. I’ve done too much damage already. But I have renewed purpose. I probably would have killed myself immediately after my memories came back, but the way it all happened prevents me from it.

When we arrived in town, well, that day day a girl came up to me. She didn’t give her name, but she told me she recognized me from some time I’d visited Kent. She said her and her master were searching the Glitterwood and found this scroll. Or a portion of it. She showed it to me and I nearly fainted. As soon as I touched the paper my memories came back, and I knew what it was. It was a piece of the Ressurection scroll. The one that Arc’El had used to come back. This piece was unaltered, unlike the portions that Wexton and the others had brought back from Rovagug’s temple. This didn’t have any taint on it. It was pure magic though, and stronger than anything I’ve felt in my hands before.

She told me I had to get it to her brother, one of the Bison Lords everyone is telling me about, the ones who helped defeat Arc’El. My friends.

After the shock and trauma of gaining my memories, and my obvious dramatic reaction, she seemed hesitant to leave it with me. If it weren’t for the fact that she was in some sort of hurry of her own, that she couldn’t give it to him herself and she was desperate – then I don’t think I would have been her choice of bearer. But she did, and I promised to get it to Allvar.

But I think I’m going to break that promise.

I don’t know if I’m the same person any more. The King knew. He knew what Arc’El was after. The power that the standing stones bring. I understood the secrecy, but now that I know Arc’El was destroyed, but at the cost of the King being wounded by the hordes of undead. I can’t trust even him now.

I don’t have anyone. I can’t face my friends.

I came to Cabresh and told everyone my name was Donnie Kizito. Everyone calls them the Shaman Lord and Giant Fist here, so I don’t think it’s a problem to hide myself using their true names. This may be a new start for me. I’ve got to come up with a plan. I’ve got to keep these thoughts of suicide at bay and make up for my actions. Do some sort of good for the world. I’ve got to make up for things. Right?

I would pray, but I don’t think I can face her. Oh what I’ve done!

So it is

You’ve learned a lot over the last few gaming sessions, but still seem skeptical.
Many deities have involved themselves in your lives, and it seems as though you are a part of a grand design – pawns pitted against opponents you didn’t know you were under the influence of.
According to the god Abadar, the goddess of trickery – Callistria has been using and manipulating you to her own ends. She has tested and tricked you into doing her own bidding without you being the wiser. She has the ability to track you wherever you go, and so far is evidently unaware that you have been warned about her.
Her end goal is to raise Rovagug from his prison. The locks on his cell can be opened by a series of keys. One key is in your possession, found by Donnie in the Tower of Broadsiege. The others location is forged inside a sword that you are seeking – located at the original temple of Rovagug that you entered.
Donnie, it has been revealed, is being used by a creature called Azazel – one of two fallen angels that have been trapped, and made a deal with Rovagug for their freedom. Abadar requested that you destroy Azazel and then his counterpart who is influencing Klar to do his bidding. The risk is great, as Donnie will become more powerful after releasing Azazel, but it is the only way to destroy him.
The wishmaster who restored your powers and wealth and then some, focused his power in to a crystal that could destroy Callistria – it must be forged into a weapon that can be wielded by someone in the party.

Other information of interest:
The standing stone you encountered in your last mission had four denotations on it for the four ancient dragons of the labyrinth. Time, Space, Life, and Death. This one was associated with Space and Pacem.

Tarsk and Rocky are still unaccounted for, and last were seen entering the realm of the god of travel.

Tender is in Tiamat’s realm – building a tower for the dragons to transport themselves to different planes of existence. He is also a follower of Cthuga – and let Taisuri free from his grasp in the exchange that he “burn as much as possible – also Allvar”

The Fourth Citadel

So you killed the beholder that had captured a friend, but one of you died in the conflict. Reincarnation scroll was used to raise Allvar back as a strange creature none of those present had ever seen before. Judging by the skin tone of the hands the only other creature you’ve come across remotely like him would be the Merchant in the Labyrinth, of whose face you never saw.
You came across a wide selection in the library. A great variety of artwork on the first floor, and in the dungeon, well, you found a couple old friends. One was tortured and beaten. The other one, was merely annoying and pleading. Dinnick was left in his cage, while you brought Kizito out of the basement and into the open air. He claimed that he was bait for you guys to show up. Broadsiege had some sort of deal with Arc’El that would have rewarded him had he turned you over to the wizard.
In his arrogance, however, Broadsiege invited you into his home, and right to him, where you proceeded to hurt his pride. And the battle insued.
You know one of his number was tortured to death for failing to deliver a message to Arc’El, as you found her dead in her own quarters. You found a few letters between Broadsiege and Arc’El which seems to indicate they had known each other for a long time.
En route you came across another destroyed town. You rescued some villagers from the undead, and killed a few yourself.

An Even 4200 EXP for everyone but Tarsk, who is off doing who-knows-what with that sexy lady he ran off with.

There’s also some stuff I’d like to retro from when I was all sick and you were drunk and stuff. See ya tonight!

The Wayward Bear
"The Inn Used Mainly For Returning Pathfinder's"

The Warrant of the Wizard Onic



Sorry for the delay. Last game was fairly interesting. You spent a majority of it in battle, fighting Onic the Wizard and his summoning stones. You killed a dire lion, two ghosts (one possibly a friend of the aasimar you saved), a fighter, and would have had to fight more had you not performed a miracle and tackled a flying wizard.
You tortured him then. No buts to it, and so some of you might find your consciences or at least your deities in doubt of your devotion. Though Onic himself was a particularly grotesque creature – he now dwells somewhere in Macabra’s Labyrinth, being forever tortured in a hell of his own making. Shimmy does not seem as taken with you guys as he once was, or at least he has been in quiet contemplation since you left the forest.
You passed within the vicinity of a temple of Callistra the last game, you noted the golden waters her followers trap, and were told of other magics in the forest meant to lustily lure adventurers to their dooms.
You got several pieces of information from Onic before cutting off his foot and turning him over, however.
- The Wizard Thame (the one who took you in, and whom Donnie once saved) is dead, he claims. Having been tortured and killed by Arc’El.
-The towns were destroyed by some massive weapon of Arc’El. (Suli, Kelidesh Mill, and Sapek)
-You know that Arc’El is bringing back the victims as an undead army.
-You also know that he didn’t think children would last very long on the field, even as undead, so he gave some of them to Onic to trade for the horn.
-Arc’El was using Onic as a pawn to get the heroic adventurers out of the way.
-Arc’El has had some dealings with, or at least knows about Damos – the demon who trades in lives.
-Arc’El (Onic muses) is probably a puppet under the control of some other creature. Arc’El had no allegiance to Rovagug before he was raised, nor could he have raised himself without help from someone. So maybe he just has an ally.
-The Prince is whom Onic would suspect was sending information out of Xaviar, the last you heard was that he was suspected of conducting some Dark Magic and was being held by the King.
-Arc’El has influenced several groups as distractions and pawns – The Foundlings, Onic, and has at least made dealings with the Slave Traders “The Sand” who operate out of Rust.

Things you learned from Camelo:
-Many battalions of fighters are currently quelling the invasion of undead that are popping up in random locations through the Southwest corners of Xaviar’s borders. No news yet on whether the same things are happening in other Kingdoms. A good deal of the high level priests from Xaviar have been sent out to aid, as well as many of the pathfinders that are not on other missions.
-Harcrate has been suspected of being the one relaying information from Xaviar – mainly because of his dealings with dark artifacts some have suspected of corrupting his already questionable mind. Also, because they claim no one has the power to create magic items for the cost and time that he seems to be able to do it. They suspect dark magic involved, perhaps one of the artifacts. An investigation is under way, and he is being held, but treated fairly, by the Pathfinders.
-Tender is suspected to be moving somewhere in the Forest of Berie, and there they believe he has an ally. They want to capture him to find out information on Arc’El.

You made it back into town, and used the four remaining charges on your stone to free the adventurers on the golden fountain – a fountain that had ironically been dedicated to them. The only one left is the kindly looking older wizard, who seems to be the man you rescued from the clutches of Callistra.

You were given time to recuperate, as well as food and board. Anyone who wishes to tell their tale to the pathfinders loremasters can. Anyone who needs healing or spiritual help, the temples are available, and as always, the pathfinders await your 10 percent donation to the cause. You have plenty of gold and magic items to distribute, sell, or what-have-you, and to decide on your next courses of action. Camelo and the other Pathfinders will have a meeting (within reason) at your earliest convenience.

Couple of other things:
You know that an assassin that Donnie is after is listed as being somewhere in the Forest of Berie, tracking a man named Kizito, whom he was hired to kill.


The Life and Times of Ledgrem "Led" Trail
Written by Hevard Goldsmith

This book covers a history of the life of evidently one of the greatest entrepenuer/assassins that ever lived.

It covers his childhood. Where the young Ledgrem worked on a farm with his parents. One day while he was working in the field, his home was attacked by marauders. They found out about a priceless amulet that his father had kept from his adventuring days. A trusted farmhand had went into town and gotten drunk, spilling the story Led’s father had trusted him with.

The attackers got away with the amulet before his father came back from the fields. It was too late for his mother. Ledgrem never forgave himself for failing her. His father had ordered he stay at home while he went after the persons responsible. Loading up in his old gear, he sought out vengance, and got it. But never found the amulet.

when Led’s father returned to the farm he discovered that his 12 year old son had been taken. Evidence of magic traced the layers of the house, and though the once hero knew many mages who could scry, none could find his son.

After weeks of desperation he turned to a vile creature and once sworn enemy. A demon that traded in lives.

In the meantime, the boy had been in custody of a middle-aged wizard. (He would later find out the man’s name) Ledgrem didn’t know why he was kidnapped, but he was traumatized, and destroyed by the loss of his family and his old way of life. But miraculously he was able to find his way through the dungeons of the wizards tower to a destroyed city. He worked his way through, learning how to fight and survive. And barely made it to a large mesa that was later called “monk’s rock”. from there he claims to have learned from a mysterious man the ways of fighting for years, before forming a group of assassins he called the Jagged Knives.

He named it after the broken weapon he used to kill his kidnapper in revenge. He had found the man’s name to be Arctic Eltruce, a wizard of no great reknown who was going to use him for experiments at his tower base between Drake’s Pass and the Forest of Berie.

Ledgrem never saw his father again. But from sources the author claims cannot be refuted, his father had made two deals with the demon. The first one gave him information on the whereabouts of his son. In exchange the demon got all of the man’s wealth – including his most prized magic scimitar (purportedly an artifact), armor, lands, titles, and the horn of a minotaur he had bested in battle.
When he found his son was at the base of a wizards tower, with no armor, no weapons, and no time to save him. He offered the demon another deal. His life, for that of his son – allow his son to escape, and he would give the demon his own.

So the man was never heard from again, and the great, albiet morally skeptical man named Ledgrem Trail, lived on.

It mentions the town called Mayfield, the growth of The Jagged Knives, and its leadership by several more people through the years.

The last page says Led Trail went missing in the year 120, his last words to one of his colleagues about finally understanding his life.

Rumors say he went abroad to start a new life, others say he died or even commited suicide, finally realizing the weight of his sins. Some say, that he entered the legendary Labyrinth, which was purported to have an entrance not too far from his famous town – looking for the lost amulet his father had once gained in battle.

OUtta Da Lab-Rinth
Whoot Whoot

4000 EXP and fresh air – more to come

The Scene Witnessed (for exposition and those who couldn’t make it)

When the books melted, and your world disappeared, you appeared in another, a jagged land of rocks and lava, barren and volcanic.

This is the conversation you witnessed, along with a young Verillis.
Four gigantic beasts you would call dragons are stalking from four different directions, busting up rubble and stone with each step, changing the landscape in their path as they head to a mutual point. One is Gold, one is red, one is copper, one is black.

As they reach each other, they transform into beings similar to what you would call humanoid. Each in different attire, and glowing with a power briefly that you assume is trying to fold itself into their new bodies.

Three of them nod to each other, the black dragon does not.

The Red Dragon speaks first: “We’re here.”

Gold. “We are. Yet again, face to face.”

Copper: “It’s time to speak of the truth, to honor our deal. and see if we are all still willing.”

Red: "The truth? You always ring of the truth, Veritis. And it always ends the same. With chaos, and destruction."

Gold: “Peace, my brothers. This will be our last quarrel. (sigh) lets make it count.”

Black: "Brothers? You,Pacem say this. You are not my siblings. You are weak…"

Red: "Though you cannot deny that you need us, eh, Potestat" (winks)

Copper: “We need each other. The verse we know is at an end, either way, and we know what we have to do. All of us.”

Black: “And you’re sure this will work? You with your clever schemes? What reason do we have to trust you?”

Red and gold stare at him.

Red: “Are you an idiot, Potestat? You just criticized him for being honest.”

Black: “You think this funny?!”

(whisper in the air)

White: “Silence. This world is ending.”

White dragon circles them and lands. Taking the form of an ancient looking old man.

They all fall silent.

Gold: “We are all to meet Death in a very short time. It is best if we get ourselves in order.”

White: “Are you all ready?”

Red: “I just have one question. You say we’re going to die, but if we’re really using time and space to do it, doesn’t that mean we could exist everywhere, always?”

At this comment the black dragon gazes lustily at the white dragon for the answer. But it is Verillis, the Copper, who answers.

Copper: "In a way,Justicia. The prison we are creating needs all of our powers, our consciousness. We are the oldest creatures in this world, other than what we are jailing. It will take all of us. Our prison will exist through time and space, because it sits on the back of The Thing itself. The pins have to be made of actions, of truth, justice, chaos, and law. Only existence, only living, only actions can create the lock we need, and they all have to happen at once. Important creatures, lives, and events – they are the keystone of this structure."

White: "An ingenious plan, to use the thing’s power against it.

Copper: "Its all we have. (shrugs) we are no match for It if It wakes. "

Black: “If It wakes…”

Gold: “IF It wakes then there is nothing. All is lost, and no stronger meaning of the word has been since It was born. If It hasn’t always been.”

Copper: “We will exist outside of time. We will be everywhere, at all times, and no where. Yet we will not be alive. Our existence will merely be cogs in the machine. I know some of you feel that this may be a way to last forevermore. (glances at the red and black dragons) But I assure you it will be hell. But nothing compared to what will happen if we don’t. And for whatever reasons, I thank you for your sacrifice.”

Red: “One dragon’s hell is another’s bath.” (fire burns on her shoulders and she smiles)

Black: “We shall see.”

Gold: “Yes we shall – as equals.”

Copper: “And as for our champions?”

Red: “Champions!? Is that what you call them? Psh. What a waste of food.”

Copper: "I’m inclined to agree, Justitia. But we had to find those that wanted immortality, and endless energy. "

Gold: “Or a chance to prove themselves.”

Copper: “Or that.”

Red: "Are they ready, Avairy?"

White: “They are in their positions.”

Black: “And what of the white dragon? How does he fit in? There are four of us, what does he sacrifice?”

Copper: “His life. Same as us Protestat. Just not in this realm. He will die, as we will live on in the Labyrinth.”

Black:" Oh? So willing, whitey? I know of few white dragons with such nobility."

White: “I have lived all I wish to live.” He says simply. “We are prepared. If you are done, I will begin to cast.”

The black dragon grudgeonly nods and they move toward each other. The ceremony begins. White balls of light fly from the white clad figure to sit behind each of the others, slowly building in strength.

The Boatman, The Arena, and Good Hair Care
Wash, Rinse, Repeat, Open Door - Repeat again

So, six games in and still in the Labyrinth, you guys are troopers. But soon to be out.. I hope… again.

Last game you awoke to find an elf sleeping next to you (Tresime). He proved nonviolent and even showed you a couple of ways out of the Labyrinth. Said he was a disembodied mind. His body had died on the outside of the Labyrinth, and his adventuring friends had entered and failed to save him. He mentioned he had even watched his own funeral. You gave him a couple of suggestions on how to fix his problem, including going to the room with the construct wizard.

You then made it finally to the arena, where after being ushered into a large circular pit of dirt, you were cheered on by spectators of every kind to fight a Rock Troll, and a Lunar Dragon, both of whom you defeated. Killing one, and having the other walk dejectedly out of the arena to the boos of the audience.
Your reward? The third piece of the key! As well as a Cloak of Resistance +1 for each party member. All blue velvet with silver lining, matching with your own group symbol on them, whatever that might be.

You were offered another round, and refused. You had also come across a room with mithril armor, which Tasuri devonairly lasoed after climbing the stone steps to the ceiling. The floor angling down to show a pit underneath. Rowan, trapped in a secret room with an exit to a crypt room, was on her own, but found some loot. Tasuri with the aid of the party escaped the room, and you all entered a room with coffins and started knocking off lids. Very nice.
Wexton sensed undead, and several of you had encounters, some with yourselves. After opening the first lid and finding a corpse of Rocky, which you stabbed thoroughly, you discovered a second room underneath. With a doorway in the floor itself. Anyone alone in that room, found themselves captured by a creepy thin creature that stuffed them in a coffin. From which they awoke in the former room hours later, while their friends were still examining it. You did notice that there were fingernail marks on the lid of the coffin Rocky was in. But he’s still with you, so that doesn’t mean anything important.. does it?
You followed the door downward, into a world of different gravity, and collected quite a bit of gold and a glowing orb that just looked pretty. The undead presence left, traveling elsewhere, and you never got to fight it. The whole room left you feeling slightly unfulfilled, but still, you got treasure, right? .. that won’t come back again…surely.

You also discovered a room with a Kobold Boatkeeper. He offered you a chance to take a shortcut around the Labyrinth, all you had to do was sign your name in his book and wait for the next boat. It had been gone a couple days and was due to arrive in a few minutes. When it did, it was on fire. Charred corpses riddled with arrows were unceromoniosly being doused with water as the Kobold made it ready for you, but you changed your mind.

You camped in a “Green Room” whatever that is, right outside of the arena, and felt more comfortable than you’d been since you’d been in the Labyrinth, there were even refreshments.

All in all, no one died, or undied, but that wasn’t for lack of trying. I’m sure you’ll do better next week.

Here’s the XP breakdown.

2788 XP a piece

Donnie/Tarsk/Rowan + 300XP each for mapping/taking notes (treasure)

Rumors you've seen posted before
Just for a reminder



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